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Our mission

The Montreux Jazz Festival has always had two sets of ears when it comes to deciding which acts to invite. On the one hand, it is a a world-class venue for musical giants who, ever since the first festival, have come to make their mark. But it is also a sounding-board for little-heard voices, a breeding ground for new talent, where artists take their first tentative steps before spreading their wings and setting off for new horizons.

This vital role of springboard, so dear to Claude Nobs' heart, has been performed since 2007 by the Montreux Jazz Foundation 2. Each year, for the two weeks of the Festival, the Foundation has opened up a dialogue between artists and audiences, inviting us to connect and discover, and fostering meaningful cultural ties within the Festival's incredible venues. The Foundation is taking a whole new dimension as it becomes the Montreux Jazz Artists Foundation.

Of course, the Foundation will continue to hold its now-legendary competitions, as well as its intimate and spectacular concerts each July. But the Montreux Jazz Artists Foundation will also work year-round on its mission as a musical world-weaver and accompanist to the musical giants of tomorrow. And with the creation of the Montreux Jazz Academy, designed to guide budding artists as they burst onto the professional scene, the Foundation is proclaming a powerful message: the future of Jazz is bright - and it starts in Montreux.



  • Chairman: Xavier Oberson
  • Vice Chairman: Mr François Carrard 
  • Patrick Delarive
  • SAR Princesse Julie de Luxembourg
  • Pierre Keller
  • Wendy Oxenhorn
  • Jean-Claude Reber
  • Stephanie Rada Zocco



  • CEO: Mathieu Jaton
  • Secretary General: Viviane Rychner Raouf
  • Artistic Director: Stéphanie-Aloysia Moretti
  • Project Coordinator: Victoria Leon Solano
  • Music in the Park: Claudia Regolatti Muller
  • Web & Media Content : Maxime Anquetil